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BLOCKS IN AFRIKA is a new concept game covering the whole North African campaign from 1940 to 1943.

Developed on wooden blocks and cubes system, over an astonishing 87x64cm full laminated multicolor map-board, there's not any paper component, but the Manual.
All the over 400 wooden/plastic components have been created by the best Italian artisinal industry and painted "A buratto", a technique usually adopted for painting car parts and accessories.

BLOCKS IN AFRIKA recalls, in game form, the most decisive battles fought in the African Theater Front from the Italian drive to Marsa Matruh in Summer 1940, until the collapse of the Italian Regime in Semptember 1943.

BLOCKS IN AFRIKA is a game for two players, one controls the Western Allies and the other one controls the Axis Powers.
Although based on history, players in command of the two factions can modify the evolution of World War 2 in the Mediterranean Theater.

Language: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian
Genre: Operational, Strategic
Turns: Turn-Based
Complexity: Basic to Advanced, depending on which rules are used and on Scenario Lenght
Period: World War II

With over 240 units counters and 200 different resource points of various color, players can enjoy hours of fun by playing one of the ten BIA scenarios, one of the four 7-turn BIE scenarios (in cobination with BITE and BITW) or the gargantuan 1939 CAMPAIGN.

1940 Operation Compass, November 1940 - March 1941
1941 Operation Exporter, June - July 1941
1941 Middle- East Uprising, May - September 1941
1941 Operation Marita-Merkur, April - June 1941
1941 The Desert Fox, March - July 1941
1942 Tobruk, June - October 1942
1942 El Alamein, October 1942 - February 1943

Punta Stilo, 9 July 1940
Capo Teulada, 27 November 1940
Capo Matapan, 28-29 March 1941
Harpoon, 21 June 1942

Every scenario has different Victory conditions and length, with a playing time from 1 to 2 turns.

BLOCKS IN AFRIKA can be played standalone or combined with Blocks in the West and Blocks in the Eastin one of the four 7 turn long BLOCKS IN EUROPE SCENARIOS:


1942 - AXIS HYPE



and the gargantuan 1939 CAMPAIGN: from Danzig to Hell

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