Chess cassette, field 25 mm, with numbers and letters (2724)

Chess cassette, field 25 mm, with numbers and letters (2724) _boxshot
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Chess is one of the oldest skill games in the world. It is commonly accepted that Chess originated 4,000 years ago in India and Persia, although this is far from clear. Modern Chess, as we know it today, is about 2,000 years old and has developedinto one of the most popular games in the world. Chess is a game of strategy for two people. Although it is a highly complex and sophisticated game, Chess can also beenjoyed at a simpler level by inexperienced players.

Weight (kg): 0,377
Length (mm): 240
Width (mm): 235

Material: MDF, basswood, maple veneer, schima wood chess pieces, walnut veneer








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Avdelningar Brädspel
Speltyp Grundspel
Tillverkare Philos
Genres Klassiska, Abstrakt
Serier Schack/Chess
Sektioner Abstrakt Strategi