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In Fight Club, the depressed and sleep-deprived "Narrator" invents Tyler Durden as his idealized "superman," representing everything The Narrator wants to be: strong, confident, bold. But Tyler Durden is also selfish, cruel, and emotionally sterile. The very essence of chaos.

Fight Club: The Home Game is a two person competitive deck-builder between Tyler Durden and The Narrator. Tyler and The Narrator share, build, destroy, sabotage, and enhance the same deck. Tyler wins by destroying cards and completing Project Mayhem. The Narrator wins by buying very stylish collections of FÜRNI home décor and allowing his burgeoning emotional connection with Marla to flourish.

Will order find a way or will chaos reign? That's up to you. It's time to enter the high-stakes basement arena of Fight Club: The Home Game and find out.

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Språk Engelska
Antal spelare 2
Genres Deckbuilder