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Welcome to State of Wonder! Take control as a ruler of a city-state and command mighty armies to destroy your enemies or construct awe-inspiring wonders. Establish your power and prove that you are the strongest ruler in the land. Only one can be the victor, but will it be you who takes the throne?
In State of Wonder, you win the game by either destroying your opponent’s state card or claiming a total of 4 progression counters on your Wonder. To do this, you will strategically employ a mix of Unit cards to wage war on opposing factions. Fortification cards can be used to protect yourself and your city, while Building cards are used to enhance your economy. But watch your back, as your opponents will use intrigue and sabotage in an attempt to bring you down.

This package contains all three base set decks, so you’ll have access to full sets of all cards currently printed. No need to hunt down the final cards you need for your deck – With the launch pack you’ll have them all! Putting together the perfect deck for your strategy, while also being able to make on-the-fly changes is effortless when you own the entire card library!

This is also the perfect addition to any board game collection, as it allows you to play with up to two friends!

This launch pack contains the following four products:
1 Expansion deck: Cult of Voices
1 Expansion deck: Iron Legion
1 Expansion deck: Ivory Syndicate
1 Token Pack: Soldiers of the State

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Avdelningar Brädspel
Genres Kortspel, Fantasy, Konfliktspel
Speltyp Grundspel
Språk Engelska

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